"The freezing performance is excellent."

Lau Kok, Managing Director L.Kok International Seafood BV

L.Kok International Seafood BV

"We saw the OctoFrost at our customer, Langnese IGLO of Unilever in Germany. When presenting our new investment plans for them, they recommended also us to go for the OctoFrost.

In comparison with other freezer in the market we saw a number of advantages for us. 

Witnessed ease of sanitation was important. Flexibility to change product was another. 

We have investment plans in the Belarus. The OctoFrost is a ready assembled freezer that can be easily relocated, if needed, which was another good reason for us.

Before ordering we brought one ton of shrimps to the OctoFrost at the Tulip factory of Danish Crown for test freezing. As the freezing performance was excellent the freezer choice was an easy decision for us"

Lau Kok, Managing Director
L.Kok International Seafood BV


"Installation and start up went very easy. Due to its size the OctoFrost fits very well into the line. Already after two days trimming we reached and surpassed stipulated capacity and all involved staff is very positive to the freezer"

Thomas Jonk, System Control
L.Kok International Seafood BV

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